Program 2013: Quality education

Quality education for underprivileged

Children end up on the streets for various reasons. Often parents cannot afford food, education and medical care. Socio-economic and other factors make it hard for parents to create the ideal home environment, forcing children into child labour or onto the streets. With our program 2013, we want to provide financial help to these children for their basic school education.
Ofcourse this program is meant for the children whose parents has complete awareness that education is very important for the future of their kids.
We offer Annual school fees & school accesseries.
The cost to help one kid getting a better future is aroung €80 – €100 per year.

Criteria for educational sponsorship

  • Parents income <1 Euro / day
  • Handicapped parents
  • Orphan / handicapped children
  • Appicable only for children between the ages of 3 – 17 years (basic education)

Way of working

  • We pay the school fees directly to the schools and we don’t give money to the parents to ensure that the money reached the schools correctly for the education
  • Receipts of the payment are followed and documented
  • Reports of the kids are followed
  • Our moto is to have ZERO overhead on the sponsored money, everything will be done based on voluntary help
  • We have thrustworthy volunteers to help in India and Indonesia

Interested in sponsoring?

  • If you want to sponsor, please or you know someone who needs help, please provide us your contact details via the support us page.
  • One time sponsoring or recurrent sponsoring for a specific kid are all possible.